Rejoice Abutsa

African Conference in London (1948)

After the loss of its control in South Asian colonies, the British government organized the African Conference in London, to reposition and reformulate its style of imperialism within its African colonies. On the 19th of September and the 12th of October 1948, African leaders visited the Lancaster house to discuss the issues of “political advancement and community development” within British colonies (Colonial Film Website, 2022). The emphasis on production and exportation from the colonies were some of the issues captured by the Colonial Film Unit.   

The conference was also used to emphasize the superiority of the British over its colonial subjects – several scenes dwell on the impression given by Nigerian leaders when they meet the British people. The documentary also trails African leaders in landmark spots across London, with specific particularities given to the superiority of the ‘metropole’ over the colonies that these leaders are visiting from.

Director: Colonial Office
Year: 1948
Genre: Documentary